Our trip to Hills

Posting photos of our trip to Mashobra, Himachal.

We went there on last weekend. I wanted to write about it yesterday but till now, I am not feeling like writing anything. Still, whole body is aching 😑

We took off from GGN on Fri at around 1800 and reached this hill station next day at about 0700 – too many stops on the way for data transfers like dinner/beer/tea etc.

Fell in love with this place at first sight – it was green all around, such a pleasant climate, cool breeze flowing around, different layers on the hill, and then warm beds in the water-proof tents :-).

Fell to beds for about 3-4 hours before having bfast. Had great fun in bus with mates – Sumit, Saurabh, Himanshu and Ramraj. My throat is shut since then 😯


After bfast, we had this busy schedule of trekking/rafting+rappelling. Ashwin, Ram & Himanshu went to trekking by mistake (which they realized later πŸ˜‰ ) whereas Sumit pulled me for rafting and it was all fun. After rafting, we did rappelling and returned to camp. Had a photo session and then played cricket on 1st floor from top on hill πŸ˜‰ – cricket bats and balls were provided by organizers. Volleyball was also there.


It started raining in afternoon while we were playing and so the atmosphere became a bit more cozy. In night, there was DJ. Danced like anything. Then there was small intro round. I got chance to sing and I cudnt figure out any other song but “Ae mere dil ke chain“.


When I woke up next day, my whole body was aching and again went to the arms of sleep. Woke at 0930 finally and got ready by 30 mins. We – we 5-6 punters had another session of pulling leg of ppl, then had a photo session. Photo session bcoz Ashwin brought new real for his digital sorry analogue camera ( πŸ˜‰ ) and we didnt want to miss this chance. Still 5-6 photos are remaining in his camera.


Did reverse rafting and rope walk. Then evone was burnt up but Manas got an idea of trekking the valley where we were doing rafting. So headed to the deep valley with him. And after us, came Gaurav Jain, Ashish Avasthi & their fiancees, Ashwin & Vijay. It was so much adventurous specially when you know that you are not following the right way and going through dangerous & slippery short-cuts πŸ™‚

111_CE_Party.jpgοΏ½ οΏ½ 099_CE_Party.jpg

And it was much more exciting than what ppl had done yesterday during formal trekking – as was told by Avasthis.


It took about 2-2.5 hours to go down the valley and come back after resting at the bottom – total 3.5-4 kms. By the time, we were back, evone was heading for buses to go back. We did our lunch quickly after changing, then got into buses. While returning, had small stay at Kufri. Ppl visited valley and mandir there. Also been to Kufri Holiday Resort which was inagurated on 25th Feb, 1987 (I hope I remember the right year :roll:) by then CM – Mr. Veerbhadra Singh (think spelled it correct :|). It is really one of the finest Resorts that I have seen till date – specially the top of it. It was also an option to have outing.

We were back at 0500 at GGN and I headed directly from office to home on my bike after saying bye to evone. Slept for unknown number of hours πŸ˜›

And by afternoon, we had this big stock of photos – courtesy Amresh & Manas.

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