Proposal for OBC Quota For IITs, IIMs and other national educational institutes

I dont know where will this reservation thing will bring India to. After more than 50 years of independence, we are fighting for more and more reservation to so called backward casts –

arent those shameful who dont dare to call themself backward and this nation as a developed country?

Or is there any controversy in these 2 statements?

What is the face of our nation that we are representing to rest of the world when we demand for 50% reservation (and most possible it will happen because of many of our b***** ministers) in each and every sector of this country?

On one stand, we and our ministers proudly declare this nation as one of the fastest developing nations which are going to rule this world within next decade. We are going to become world power, supreme power, blah, blah! Our nation is the best, this thing and that thing.

And on the other stand, we ask for the reservation to our minorities because they dont get much chance to grow. They dont get much resources to rise up. Then what the hell, you talk about development? Which development if our own ppl strive for their rights?

Either first statement or the second one is false.

Please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee, give up dual mentality and realize that our nation is actually developing. Evone is getting enough chances to represent oneself, to get opportuinities and to show up. No one is facing partiality in any sector. Rather minorities are getting more chances than general sector to access resources to the max.

Reservation is not going to take our nation to anywhere but towards uncivilization, backwardness and anarchy.

Dont u think that this is also the one of the reasons responsible for brain-drain?

If you are interested in signing petition against it, go here –

And what about demanding reservation for general casts after few years if UPA govt. kept taking decision like this one (another one was about introducing reservation in private sector)…courtesy few dumb ministers like A.S.*

I know that I have spoken more than limit, but thats because I m concerned about the evolution and growth of India.

Here goes the news –

New OBC Quota Proposal For IITs, IIMs, DU, JNU

Seats in Delhi University for the general category could shrink by 13,716 seats — down from 35,306 seats to 21,590 seats — and make admissions a cut-throat affair. In IITs, where the fight for entry is still more fierce, the general quota could be down by 1,330. And top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Bangalore), could face a seat cut of 210 in the general category.

This is if the Manmohan Singh cabinet passes a notification to introduce 27% reservation for OBCs in 20 central universities, the IITs and IIMs. The proposal, readied by HRD minister Arjun Singh, is already before the cabinet, but the current round of state polls is holding it up. The Constitution has already been amended for the purpose and no political party is objecting. If what appears impending is put off, it will be because of a popular uproar. In case of a rethink, admission to the central universities won’t be affected in the 2006-07. In IITs and IIMs the admission process is already underway and so there’s no change in the rules this session.

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