Blogger Error

I am getting this error again and again while accessing the bogs hosted on Blogger. Perhaps it is because of transition process of blogs over Blogger. The error is displayed something like this –


We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code and additional information.



uri: /xyz



This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

Is that the reliability Google promise or still there is scope of of visible bugs after the beta tag has been crossed/removed from Blogger.


And when you anyhow become able to load that website by refreshing it again and again, you try to subscribe to the feed, another invalid XML error appears. OR famous Google errorpops up –


Google Error

Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.