India surpassed the US as the country with most projects in 2006

India has topped number of entries at the Stockholm Challenge 2006 competition that honours innovative ways to use information and communication technology (ICT) to improve people’s lives.

73 Indian projects were signed up this year. It was 59 in 2004 which once again proves India as the superpower in IT industry.

BIMS is closed and that too only after about 2 months since I left BIMS. Sid and Arvind told me this. I had put so much effort in it. Here my line goes to Arvind on this news –

Really, I would had liked to be there at this time…or perheps not…yaar bohot khoon pasina lagaya tha isme.
Achha hua ye dekhne ke liye main wahan nahi hoon otherwise shayad khudkushi kar li hoti.

It is really a big bad news for me at this time. Anyway, it is good that I didnt get chance to go on bench although I always wanted it when I was in BIMS. It was really its kind of great project.

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