Cudnt go for AmitG’s marriage

I cudnt make it to AmitG’s marriage because of few reasons – on Fri., after writing to you, I went into meeting with SM and AL which went as long as 5 hours where I proposed new architecture for BPM as for now, there is no well defined architecture in CE and I am not willing to proceed until we decide a framework and abstract functionality of each layer. I proposed same arch. of BIMS as this app. is very similar to that.

It took long time but at last, SM was convienced about strength of this arch. although he wanted to apply existing arch. Now, we have well defined arch., and I was given responsibility to create a working prototype for that arch.

The meeting got over by 1650 and I had very less time to make it to the Railway station…but I managed to do all the packing and leave home by 1800. Train was at 1830 and I took 1 rikshaw till T, then auto till bus-stand and then another auto till Railway Station but by the time, I was there, train had left and AmitG went in that as was discussed with him. So I returned back and I decided to go next day but in night, my friend met with accident and rest is story. So I was there in office on Mon. We decided schedule on that day for delivery of prototype on 31st March. Since then, I have completed framework and now trying to integrate OpenRules with framework.

Anyway, I wanted to discuss with you RDB. It is really an eye-opening movie – a movie which tells you where do we stand in our country and where does our country stand in terms of democracy – in the end, it is only ministers choosen by us who intend to kill us without caring about us – the people. Movie is so realistic that it mapped to my life at many places and I am sure that it will happen in ur case also when you go to see the movie. We, the young Indians can do what that bunch of guys did in RDB to make our country a better place to live so that those brilliant brains and bodies dont leave this country because of this anarchy in our country. Just read this story –


First Rank in State in Secondary School Examination
First Rank in University in Plus Two
First Rank in IIT Entrance Examination
First Rank in All India IIT Computer Science
First Rank in IAS Entrance Examination
First Rank in IAS Training Institute

On passing out from IIT Chennai Mr. Narayanaswamy was offered scholarship by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He who came from a middle class family believed that he had a moral obligation to give something in return for the lakhs of rupees the government spent on him as an IIT student. He had the intelligence and conviction to realize that this money came also from the poorest of the poor – who pay up the excise duty on textiles when they buy cloth, who pay up customs, excise and sales tax on diesel when they travel in a bus, and in numerous other ways indirectly pay the government. So he decided to join IAS hoping he could do something for the people of this country. How many young men have the will power to resist such an offer from USA? Narayanaswamy did never look at IAS as a black money spinner as his later life bears testimony to this fact.

After a decade of meritorious service in IAS, today, Narayanaswamy is being forced out of the IAS profession. Do you know why?

A real estate agent wanted to fill up a paddy field which is banned under law. An application came up before Narayanaswamy who was sub collector the, for an exemption from this rule for this plot of land. Upon visiting the site he found that the complaint from 60 poor families that they will face water logging due to the waste water from a nearby Government Medical College if this paddy field was fill

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