I had accident

I had accident on 17th Feb (Fri) when my bike was hit by a cab from back at 0915 when I was going for office. Cab was at very fast speed and by the time, I cud realize whats going on, I was there – under the cab.
Before a tire of it passed over my helmet, I had slipped a long way on road and then cab was lying over me and my breath was stopped. Few kind ppl lifted the cab and took me out. My left side body was badly injured. I was brought to Hospital here by PB and AK also reached after some time. Cab driver had escaped. An FIR was launched by a constable but he was so…he didnt care about my injuries and kept busy in writing FIR and only then, he let us go. And there in hospital, I met with a doc/practitioner who was angry, why I had accident and I wanted to ask him – was it in my hands? There was another kind practitioner who made me feel relaxed – Praveen. There was no fracture.
I was wondering, how HE saved me – tire just passed over boundary of helmet which was covering my chin. This was like a 2nd life for me.


I called up at home and told parents about all things and they came on next day here at GGN. Took me back to home. There under treatment of an exp. surgeon – Dr. Arvind, I have almost recovered now (after 3 weeks) except blood clotting on my left side which will take about 2-3 months – as per doc. Anyway, it is also like more than I expected .

I had come back on this Sun – 5th and joined on 6th. I got new Product Manager on Mon. I gave him overview of BPM – that is done so far.

Still I feel pain on left side after sitting for long hours. So I used to leave by 1500 till Wed. But now trying to sit longer. That area gets senseless but still pain has reduced.

Trying to unjumble more things in integrating openrules with BPM architecture and Weblogic. Writing java code and also decompiling few class files of openrules in order to understand them…

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