House Full and Badmash Company

House Full is a House Flop because one it has got no story and secondly, it has got same usual typical comedy flavor of Akshay Kumar – nothing new. Knew it already but had to go and watch for one reason or other. Never going again for this team’s another movie for any reason.


Rating: 2/10



Badmaash Company – A big idea makes a business big and it has been shown in practice here, in this movie (though they forgot to mention hardship and smartness). A team which makes, leaves and restarts their businesses – all based on different new ideas. Some of those ideas make sense while others are non-sense, none practice in today’s date. Still you love this movie for its liveliness, speed, cheerfulness, love, hate and above all, truthfulness in the relationships. Someone truly said that once you feel trust in a relation deep inside, it can never diminish, no matter how weak it becomes sometimes.


Badmaash Company


A fully entertaining movie, and all of us who watched this movie at Big Cinemas, Deepak, Saurabh and me, liked it, loved it and appreciated it. Good work by debutant writer and director.


Rating: 7/10

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