Roll Number 420

After so many years, there is this one thought from my grad days which still haunts me. Just the thought of how mysteriously it had changed my student life.


It is  related to my roll number in fourth semester of grad – year was 2002. In the same semester, I had met with road accident (one of regular road accidents which have been meeting me throughout my life – once for every different vehicle I ever drove). So I was on leave for first month of the semester. Then there was this deadly subject in this semester which had record of highest failure rate among all degree subjects throughout all the previous batches. A semester which was known for bringing least aggregate among all semesters. And then there was Numerical Methods subject on the name of only computer subject – the most boring subject among all existing computer subjects, according to me (a subject which made me realize that I can score less even if it is something related to computers).

The last nail for me came in form of the exam roll number for that semester. It was fourth semester and I was twentieth student in my class. Roll number that I got was 420. I didn’t bother much even during exams as I believed that I was doing well as compared to the horror which was there in place for that semester and actually I had done quite better than I had expected.


The only disappointment which still troubles me is the final result of that semester. Just like everyone, I was expecting for my batch to ditch all the myths for that semester and it happened but I became victim of my own roll no. Although I cleared all the exams but in all the subjects, I got as minimum as I could get for any subject in whole grad. It turned out to be lowest percentage I ever got in any of the exams in my life (still it was first division, to have feel of some relief). And all that appeared to me and to my good friend circle as the reason for this kind of weird happening was my unusual roll no., a number which stands for a fraud in general and it was assigned to me purely randomly and unexpectedly for that particular semester, just to turn that term as sizzling memory of my study days, a memory not to be forgotten so easily and a time to be remembered as a teaching that even if everything is going in one way for you, your own luck can turn in other direction.


And I got reminded of 420 when I was coming out of Big Cinemas after watching Badmaash Company because there was something related to that in the movie as well…

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