Based on background of a school based on values and morals, Paathshaala is about commercialization of schools in today’s India. It shows how standards of Indian schools have changed and why the main focus has shifted from study to extra-curricular activities. The sufferings of teachers, students and parents is shown in quite equally innovative way which makes one rethink about today’s education system and how it can be improved.




Though the school is shown to be one of the idealistic schools which don’t happen anymore in India, the main problem is shown as the degradation of culture and values. Though director has tried to show the different views of today’s school culture but still he has left quite much desired to be shown which might had made this movie look much better.


Music is superb and if you have good taste for music, you will find one or two songs outstanding.


And yes, those children, SVM, teachers and hard-soft principle brought back lot of beautiful memories! So even if I would want to, I can’t give it bad marks!!


Rating: 6/10

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