Worst American President

Barak Obama happens to be worst president in history of America, as per my views. A president who took oath to stop wars started by previous government, a president who wanted to make this world the best planet to live at, a president who wanted America to rise from ashes by stopping the Economy Crisis.


What we didn’t know was that this president wanted to stop war being fought physically by American soldiers but  wouldn’t hesitate from starting virtual wars which might destroy other countries, that this president imagined America as planet ignoring rest of the world, that this president didn’t want to stop but shift the Economy Crisis to other countries.


Obama has been giving hate speeches before he became new American President. He has started hate war “on papers” as an irresponsible president, against India and other countries where American companies outsourced their business.

Being an Indian, I was hurt by those hate speeches and wanted to post my grievance and protest here at my place. Not sure how many people enjoy those words of this man but for me he is the worst president that I have witnessed in my lifetime .


Here is the record of hate speeches delivered by US President Barack Obama with the timelines published in Times Business on May 06, 2009 –

It’s a tax code that says you should pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, India, than if you create one in Buffalo, New York — Obama, announcing a crackdown on tax loopholes on Monday


I understand that the challenges facing our economy have forced children in Raleigh and Boston to compete for those jobs with children in Bangalore and Beijing — Obama at a speech in North Carolina in June 2008


At a time when a child in Boston must compete with children in Beijing and B’lore, we need an army of you to become teachers and principals in schools that this nation cannot afford to give up on —Obama at a college commencement address in Connecticut in May 2008


This is the president giving birth to new hate terms like Bangalored and Obamination.

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