Mumbai Blasts and Indian Politics

I have been going through too many news stories these weeks which I kept thinking of mentioning at least once over this blog. Following Mumbai Terrorist Attack (26/11) stories so far and how few corrupt opportunist Indian politicians are making hay from it while playing caste politics.


Then there are politicians in India who are made State Ministers but don’t know how to spell their name or how to do their signatures. Golma Devi, Rajasthan state minster, learnt signature from her husband who himself is a leader who was denied party ticket from opposition party making him to trigger his wife to stand in elections because it was sure for him/his wife to win in this pure-caste-based politics within the whole state. Here are the excerpts –


Rajasthan minister just learnt to sign


"It took three days to teach her how to sign," says Kirorilal Meena about his wife Golma Devi. But the fact that the woman had topractice putting her signature on her oath letter hasn’t come in the way of her becoming a minister in Ashok Gehlot’s Congress government, thanks to caste politics of please and appease.


Golma Devi had to be accommodated because she’s the wife of a dissident BJP leader who’ll bring with her the clout of the powerful Meena community, which dominates Rajasthan’s bureaucracy. The woman, elected from Mahuwa constituency as an independent, could barely read her oath card at the swearing-in ceremony on Friday. The 59-year-old homemaker was prompted along by another state minister Ram Kishore Saini.


When Governor S K Singh said "Mein", Golma just uttered, "Mein Golma bol rahi hoon (I am Golma speaking)." Her oath was considered ‘read’ along with Saini.


This is one of those few eye-opening news coming from Times Of India that I like this newspaper otherwise there are so many reasons to dislike it.


Such news articles sometimes put me to shame on my decision to stay in India but then there is always a hope and trust to keep thriving towards making this country a better nation.


Also I am keeping track of two seemingly good Indian political parties started by well educated youth of this country – Bharat Punarnirman Dal and Lok Paritran, founders of which are from premier education Institutes of India, IITs. Following open culture, these parties have published their party structures, Ideologies and lot of other very useful information online, which are quite of interest and promising to support them over others.

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