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After being absconding for couple of months (as put up for me by a dear friend!!), I am back to my place. It has been time full of troughs and crests. 2008 is a year which may never let me forget it because of the innumerable happenings, I witnessed. Who says that you get bored of your life as well as work after being in job for couple of years. I still find same passion and urge in it after completing 4 years as a Software Professional. I wouldn’t deny the fact completely – perhaps it is true for those who believe in easy-going, getting-along, don’t take chances and want to move up in ladder than seriously acquiring the skills.


I wanted to mention that there was a chance which I had taken 3 years back and I feel it worth taken because it made me realize caliber I carry with me though most of my friends still take it as a foolish decision if I knew the destiny 3 years back then. Presently I am where I was three years back in my life as a professional without any minor progress but in this time, I started from ground and crossed the sky as I believe. So no grudges for coming back to ground after living a life bigger than king-size because I am still with my parents and friends – the only ones I always cherished and have been proud of!! Personally my opinion is that the bliss you feel after winning an already lost game cannot be described and right now I am in the transition…


First thing I wanted to mention after resuming with this blog is that Chandigarh is still as beautiful city as I witnessed it in my childhood – early 90s. Had been to this city for couple of months and would like to be there sometime in future also. It is rightly called City Beautiful of India – the most planned and well structured city.


Secondly, I wrote few posts during my tenure at Chandigarh which I think would be relevant if they are posted according to the time they were written. So if you try to go into archive over my website for past few months, you may find some new messages.

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