Remake of a Copied movie

Aamir Khan is going to set a new trend in Bollywood by acting in a movie which is remake of a Tamil movie which was already a copy of another Hollywood movie. The movie is Ghajini – upcoming movie of well-known Indian actor Aamir Khan who is famous for working only in original scripted movies and also for putting best in his every single movie released after long intervals.




After getting controversial title for revealing his dog name as Shahrukh, he is already in front lines for choosing Ghajini which is remake of Tamil movie with same name. Further that Tamil movie is remake of well acclaimed Hollywood Memento. Although Aamir had covered the story resemblance in this blog in past but later he deleted it as you can see that link is no more accessible though it appears in right side post list over his blog. I don’t think this new fashion being started by Aamir will make any sense to movie lovers. Nah I am not going to watch Ghajini by paying any bucks rather I would prefer to go out for some offbeat.

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