In my age

In my age, being an Indian,


I have witnessed the times, when

  1. Cricket was played in every playground.
  2. Computer was taken as magical instrument and Internet@64kbps as luxury.
  3. Job Security came as guarantee with every employment.
  4. Foreign Return was more like a noun.
  5. Scooter was a vehicle of pride.
  6. National TV (doordarshan) was favorite of whole nation.
  7. Teachers were respected in society more than anyone else.
  8. People preferred to stay back in India.
  9. Movies were made purely for entertainment.
  10. Unions in any company weren’t appreciated.


And still,

  1. Politics is considered as game of corruption.
  2. Power and water shortage persist.
  3. Reservation is considered a right and honor.
  4. Traffic and roads worsen everyday.
  5. Bihar is flooded every year.
  6. Railways general compartments are too crowded to breathe.
  7. Terrorists are killing hundreds of innocents every months.
  8. Hindi (national language) is forbidden to be taught in Tamilnadu.
  9. Common man spends whole life in order to buy a two bedroom set.
  10. Media is infant.



  1. Smoking is banned at public places.
  2. More people in every business loot than being honest.
  3. More frustration than satisfaction is there at work places.
  4. Those working in growing fields like Space, Telecommunications and Information Technology dream of nation as a developed one in next couple of years.
  5. Real estate is a full-fledged business than a consulting.
  6. Missionaries are converting poor and backward population all over the country at war level by luring them to money and reserved employment.
  7. There are more MNCs than national companies.
  8. Most of the children work far away from their parents.
  9. Speaking in English is a thing of proud.
  10. Drinking is social custom.

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