Being 4 years experienced in IT industry

So here is a professional in front of you possessing hard-core experience of four years in IT industry. It may not mean anything else but one for sure that those in IT industry will start taking me more seriously because still I am hopeless that just by having a look at me anyone will realize my maturity. So these are the thoughts about what can be reaction in industry on achievement of this feat.


Personally I think that nothing has changed inside me except the feeling of keep getting better. Throughout these four years, I have been striving to be better and learn what others are still thinking of happening. To the core of my knowledge, my feeling has always been that I am quite ahead of others in industry at same level. Only thing that kept me inspired for that is not to look at my experience or number of years I have spent in IT. Keep moving forward, learning the things which are still evolving and then see them in action in coming time. The outcome has been equally fruitful when I have been considered able enough to handle the tasks and positions taken care of only by the veterans in industry.


At this point, was recalling the time when I was a young committed and struggling fresher (good ol’ 2004 @ Punjabi University), looking out for one good job. Used to go through the news-papers, job websites for openings and kept wondering why all companies want to hire experience professionals, among them also majority of the jobs were for 3 year experienced. Me and my friend Dot always speculated as if a professional turns into God for IT companies after possessing experience of three years in this industry. This thing disturbed me that time and equally itches me at the present. Why does experience matters so much in private sector – at some point, this notion needs to be changed. In fact, that speculation about 3-year experienced professional stands even today though with a bit less certainty, I must say. It is true that with time a professional gets mature with the rituals of trade and the notions but I have noticed in case of myself and couple of others who possessed more maturity & knowledge after completion of first year than those goodish three year specialists – thanks to companies like Infosys which believe in similar thinking as of mine and train their employees in such professional environment. My whole thank goes to Infosys and my mentors@Infy for the career path I have been following. There needs to be more companies like Infosys which recognize creativity of young professionals, train/nurture them and nourish them to make rest of the world wonder on the capabilities of these grown-up lads!


So here goes three cheers to my completion of four years, Infosys and the unknown future ahead.


PS: Anyone looking out for any guidance in Java/J2EE technology platform or IT industry in general can feel free to contact me and I will try my best to provide the suggestions.

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