6 thoughts on “Meaning of Man Tu Talbat (Superstar)”

  1. hey hey
    i too love song.
    but it dosnt mean what u think it does..
    ‘man’ in arabic means ‘me’ and ‘talbat’ means want..
    so d meaning is..
    i want u n u want me
    man tu talbat…tu man talbat

  2. This song from the movie superstar is absolutely beautiful…… I love to hear it. But not only the name of the track is arabic but there are more arabic lyrics as well…. Can you pls get to the meaning of those lyrics. It goes like this:
    vey nakh inti(2)
    ye noor al kahain
    vey nakh inti
    teb li haya dhi
    takh li un yunhi
    ukhne vele geynvhi
    vifte ki…

  3. Song Bole toh ekdum fantastic
    I m unable to understand the lyrics, still they touch my heart i don’t know how………. but this is awsome yar
    and one more thing i send millions of thanx to the person in advance who give me the actual meaning of its arabic lyrics

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