Orkut Albums

One thing I always wondered about Orkut albums or any other online social networking website allowing you to share you photos is in what way you are given option to organize the photos and the way you utilize it. Orkut has been the most used social networking website by me and I think, lot of Indians. And I have been big criticizer of Orkut albums, the style in which they evolved.


Initially, Orkut provided space for just 12 photos, no albums. Dot.


Even after a year of being acquired by Google, no attention was given to this one of the important part (which is important on any social network website).


And then after long long time, it was told that now Orkut is coming up with Albums. That was appreciated but then the capacity of every album was made limited to 100 photos.

No hierarchy. No option for arranging albums under albums. All albums are going to be on same level.

Sorting? No way.

Photos will be organized in the manner you upload them.

A temporary fix was released for uploading multiple photos but only for IE (:lol:). This half-hearted change from Google/Orkut kept me thinking for couple of month to come up with a right type of creating and arranging albums. And the one I came up with, I couldn’t find anywhere over Orkut. Now I am organizing my albums on period basis – for now it is yearly. I have created albums for every year and the photos inside them are also organized in periodic fashion – most recent on the top.

I think I am right in that way. Let us see how many people follow that.


But still I would say that Orkut is evolving very poorly and very unorganized way – it doesn’t reflect as it is actually a part of Google which follows the culture of mastering one section/product and then proceeding for other. I have been thinking of suggestions and ideas over time which can improve this service – focused on serialized improvement, providing them over Orkut forum but haven seen them being implemented.


Last words – It is still in Beta!!

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