Experienced Developers

I personally like only those developers who still remain developers no matter how long they have been coding. Destiny may bring you to different positions or titles but ultimately if you are still writing code or you think like that, chances are that I would tend to like you.


I came across an old page about an application while talking with Ranjit where there was code for – Window Close Without Alert Message. The thing which attracted me was that it was uploaded in April 2002 – the time when I would have been preparing for my grad exams – that was the toughest semester, I remember.

This guy, Rahul Mahajan, had dared to share his image at that time was one reason to like, secondly he was sharing code, thirdly from that long time and going forward, last reason can be that he is still sharing beautiful things created by him. Perhaps because of same reasons, I happened to have better understanding with Vishal Bhatia here at CE than any other manager. Perhaps he is the only manager whom I like here in my org@Delhi because he is the well versed as well as balanced manager that I have come across in long time. I am not even interacting with even every developer here but the ones who are more in rhythm.


Another aspect – I like people who make me recall old good times, code and the rhythms…specially those who get older with time – old as in wine, right Mademoiselle?

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