Some news are good enough to make people around you happier more than what you had expected


There are other kind of little news which can spoil an anticipated pleasant long weekend when you find them falsifying the earlier ones… :M(


Both kinds of news are exact counter-part of each other.

For example, imagine yourself winning a million which you never hoped for (than sought after), and then after sometime when you have made your companions happy with the info, you are told that it wasn’t the day scheduled for someone to win a million!!


Ah FEELINGS – it is always better to live without them. They hurt the most when they are least expected.


feelings - Matthew Dietz, Artist


With time, I have realized that you can keep learning to live without feelings or expectations but what about the dear ones around you and that’s what makes you feel hurt the most…..




PS: Now I am planning to work even on Diwali for better feeling…at least for others 😛

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