Lonely and Lovely Weekend

When you don’t have any roommate around you, nowhere to roam around and it is all time in your hands for nothing or nowhere, you know it can be as much lonely as it never had. Then if you have your SWH with you all the time at your home, movies for most of the time, and not to forget, the final ODI of Netwest series between India and England, a well cleaned & organized home at your stake, you know, it can be as much lovely too!!


Transformers is a big crap.

If the director Michael Bay thinks that by making joke of rest of the world and showing US people at their best can make a movie work, at least for me, it wouldn’t. If you belong to any other region of the world than US, be ready to face useless critics and listen lot of nonsense about your country. The concept behind movie is good but then all praise for your nation at the cost of others is mere foolishness. It shows the low maturity level of director. The only other movie which I had liked from MB is Armageddon but it is for sure, I am not gonna watch any other flick from him.


Indian team was at its all time low performance in any final this year when it was all out at 183 leaving an easily achievable target for England and giving a bitter taste to viewers. But the results can also be blamed on the wrong umpiring throughout the tournament which remained on the side of England. Despite the crucial final, it didn’t matter to umpires to take help from third umpire in few doubtful decisions which ended up making top players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid falling prey to wrong decisions.

Times Of India had published comprehensive list of wrong decisions which went against Sachin across tournament  (Tests and ODIs) – seemed like umpires had decided to take revenge from Sachin for all his good behavior who never stands against any decision given by umpires!!


lbw b Anderson 37
Full delivery, caught on the crease, inswinger still moving when it hits him in front of leg stump — iffy Umpire: Steve Bucknor (West Indies)

lbw b Panesar 16
Arm ball, struck in line of off stump but he was well forward — iffy Umpire: Steve Bucknor (West Indies)

lbw Paul Collingwood 91 Ball clearly missing off stump — shocking Umpire: Simon Taufel (Australia)

c Matt Prior b Andrew Flintoff 99
Rising delivery brushes arm guard, no contact with bat — shocking Umpire: Ian Gould (England)

c Matt Prior b Andrew Flintoff 30
Missed intended drive, air between bat and ball, no edge — shocking Umpire: Aleem Dar (Pakistan)


sachin tendulkar




What can be better than meeting an old friend covering everything up at Costa for Coffee in night discussing two lives running in parallel while keeping views intact for the future horizons. It is always a healthy two-way discussion with Nitin. Hey Nitin, will be sharing trip photos very soon.


Hare Ram Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram Instrumental track of Bhool Bhulaiya seems to be inspired from MI:3. Just try to sing along-with it and you will make it out!! These days, I am liking following lines of this song from Naqaab (Aa Dil Se Dil Mila Le) –

Baat na chhupi, aaj sare aam ho gayi

Meri zindagi pyar ke naam gayi

…tanhaaiyan kehne lagi mehfil nayi saja le!!


I also read about Adobe Online Photoshop…ok it is online edition of Adobe Photoshop because I know it isn’t possible in this country for at least next few months where broadband speed cries like anything. It would be interesting to see, how Adobe manages the installation of user filters in its online edition!!

For the same reason, I never dared to discuss Rediff iShare which seemed very ambitious but I couldn’t understand, what made Indian portal to take this step provided all vital Broadband & Internet statistics in this country which can make media sharing services fail like anything.

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