A guide for advertisement over websites

Here Ryan of Engadget talks about the annoying keyword-targeted pop-up ads which spoil the navigation experience over the websites. He talks about the IntelliTXT / Vibrant Media advertisements which are all about confusing the visitors.


There are advertisement etiquette which can be followed in order to keep your visitors stick to your website and have pleasant feeling during their voyage through their website as he gives example of Engadget where no pop-ads are allowed. There has to be well defined space for advertisements instead of putting them anywhere inside your content, making making your visitors bewildered. I know he mentions that advertisements can be put within the content but then he also says – …and can never interfere with content / nav areas.


Treat your readers with a modicum of respect.


What would say about Snap – I just don’t like it, like the way, I don’t like pop-ups…huh.

snap shots

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