The Bourne Ultimatum, Sunshine and Rush Hour 3

I would say I liked only The Bourne Ultimatum out of these three, which introduces you to the other side of mirror – a story about a guy who had lost his identity and was hunting for in last two parts of sequel while revealing secrets of US secret agencies. It was interesting to see the information he possessed in order to escape from the traps of bureaucrats and the trickery to fool them out. A must see movie if you have been liking previous parts – The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. Apparently it happens to be better than its progenitors.


the bourne ultimatum


Rating: 9/10

Also one thing in this movie matched with my physical identity – 4.15.1971 and it surprised me :|.



Sunshine appears as a sci-fi movie when it starts and you keep enjoying it till the logic remains attached to the things happening around. As soon as events start occurring without any sense, it turns into only Fi movie which has just to complete the sequence of occurrences as plotted out by director. The story is an excellent concept based on presence of a matter in sun which hinders the automatic nuclear fusion process inside it and hence a team of astronauts is sent to trigger a highly energetic explosion in order to destroy that matter and bring it back to its original form.




Rating: 6/10



Rush Hour 3 is just another part compiled in the sequel to give you few bumps of laugh along small dose of fight which ultimately overpowers the humor in movie. Therefore, lost interest in-between and couldn’t finish the movie on happy note although the end was tried to be made funnier.


rush hour 3


Rating: 5/10

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