Girls and Girl Friends

A logic which always works (it worked for we five close childhood friends at least).


If you want to –

  • Move out of her life
  • Don’t want a close relation with her which you think, is becoming
  • Want to forget her less painfully (which happens in most of the cases)
  • Don’t want to be with her anymore
  • Want her to forget you
  • Can’t tolerate her anymore
  • Started liking someone else





If you –

  • Don’t want to loose her
  • Want her to be in your life forever
  • Don’t want to hurt her
  • Want her to be remembering you always
  • Don’t want to make her angry
  • Started feeling like you can’t live without her
  • Love her truly madly deeply

Never, I repeat, NEVER EVER PROPOSE HER. If you still want to, still DON’T PROPOSE HER especially when she is a typical Indian girl.


If you want to really be with her forever – just this one decision will bring 90% of all your happiness or misery…so take it very careful, no matter how much time it takes. So if you really want your girl to be your life-partner, go and offer her a beautiful diamond (although every diamond is beautiful for a girl) and still , don’t speak much (after all you are a male and not a female that you can’t control over your tongue) but ask her. Let her speak.


If she accepts, you have made the best choice in this world otherwise, she is the most foolish girl in this world – the one who doesn’t love her best friend, The Diamond (after all, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend).


It is something which was always kept as a secret between we guys but now, on the verge of getting into anything serious, we including myself, wanted to apologize for all those misdeeds as teenagers, at this place.


So in geek words, rather statements –

   1: int rejectionDecision = -1;
   2: int acceptanceDecision = -1;
   4: String[] RejectionDecisionContainer = {"'Move out of her life","Don\'t want a close relation with her which you think, is becoming","Want to forget her less painfully (which happens in most of the cases)","Don\'t want to be with her anymore","Want her to forget you","Can\'t tolerate her anymore","Started liking someone else"};
   5: String[] AcceptanceDecisionContainer = {"Don\'t want to loose her","Want her to be in your life forever","Don\'t want to hurt her","Want her to be remembering you always","Don\'t want to make her angry","Started feeling like you can\'t live without her","Love her truly madly deeply"};
   7: for (int i=0;i<RejectionDecisionContainer.length;i++)
   8:     if(decisionString.equals(RejectionDecisionContainer[i])) {
   9:         rejectionDecision = i;
  10:     }
  12: if(rejectionDecision == -1)
  13:     for (int i=0;i<AcceptanceDecisionContainer.length;i++)
  14:         if(decisionString.equals(AcceptanceDecisionContainer[i])) {
  15:             acceptanceDecision = i;
  16:         }
  18: if(rejectionDecision != -1) {
  20:     switch(rejectionDecision) {
  22:     case 1:
  23:     case 2:
  24:     case 3:
  25:     case 4:
  26:     case 5:
  27:     case 6:
  28:     case 7:
  29:         PROPOSE HER;
  30:         break;
  31:     default:
  32:         DON'T PROPOSE HER;
  33:     }
  34: } else {
  35:     switch(acceptanceDecision) {
  36:     case 1:
  37:     case 2:
  38:     case 3:
  39:     case 4:
  40:     case 5:
  41:     case 6:
  42:     case 7:
  44:         break;
  45:     default:
  47:     }
  48: }



Still we would like to say that never ever hide anything from a girl because every girl on this earth is more innocent than any guy and she deserves the BEST. Dare to think beyond dance and sex, if you really love any girl and she will always be respecting you.

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