Table Tennis, Cricket and Sports

After a long long time when there was nothing to play but work, there has come greenery again in terms of sports at CE. There were times when I talked about Quake III and other times it was about Table Tennis. Then there was a big silence for sports when nothing was there but only QuakeIII/netamp was the only source of enjoyment.


And it started again after another Nitesh, Nitesh Gupta took the initiative of starting sports. Of course, this Nitesh was already there to support the sport cause :). The first corporate cricket match which was played in history of CE was on September 23, 2006 (why all good things happen to me in September month. Parichay, Infosys is also held in month of September, then my first ever and best ever appraisal was done in September and list continues…). We even witnessed our CFO joining us at the field in other cricket match at the ground of ITM College, Gurgaon.




And Table Tennis also started once again inside the corridors of CE from May 22, 2007. After all, revolutions are brought through little sparks and once again, both Niteshs were there – all for sports cause :). And the best spell that I have seen so far is the one of bachelor Girish who won 25 games in one go before leaving…WOW.


It feels so nice to have a small workplace filled with quality environment and sports. What else would anyone expect for an ideal place to work at?

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