Another hot weekend at ITM College, Gurgaon and Home

Another post going along series of The Gurgaon Summers of 2007.


A weekend which started with a heated up cricket match against players of Cricket Academy on Saturday noon at cricket ground of ITM College, Gurgaon (Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon). It really doesn’t feel like 44 C (112 F) over ground when you have support of your mates / colleagues and also I like wandering under sun :).


Then there was a meet organized by a dear friend about another Multilevel business. This time it was I didn’t want to even go for listening about it but sometimes, you can’t just avoid it. Of course, you have the last word and so I went out to have good time calling for long sleep after a hot day’s match.


On Sunday, it was MOVIE TIME – there were few best and others, the worst. I wouldn’t be going much into details but writing about them in short.


Blood Diamond – After watching this movie, I have found 10 other reasons not to gift diamonds in my life but of course, you can never understand a girl as she can be the only reason for you to buy a diamond, ever. It moved me just like anything. It justifies the 5 Oscars including Best Actor given to Leonardo DiCaprio and Best Supporting Actor to Djimon Hounsou. There is mention of India but in wrong context. Here are few dialogues from movie which just shake you up –


  • Sometimes I wonder…will God ever forgive us for what we have done to each other? Then I look around and I realize…God left this place a long time ago.
  • So what is the point…haan?

In this movie, the guy wonders how brutally his own countrymen were killing their own people but this game is still in corrupt countries including India where dishonest officials and politicians let their people starve filling their own houses. I wonder the way Black Economies sustain in those countries.

Rating – 9.5/10


Ghost Rider – Just a time pass movie and I was expecting much from Nicolas Cage (I still like watching movies of few wonderful actors which include Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio). Here are few nice dialogues which I liked –

  • The thing about legends is… sometimes, they are true.
  • You cannot live in fear…what did you get in return.
  • He may have my soul but he doesn’t have my spirit.

Rating – 6/10


Fool N Final – A movie made to fool you. Only noticeable thing in movie is music. I wonder, how director managed such big cast.

Rating – 2/10


I wish one day, only my ratings could speak and I have started practicing that from now :D.

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