Best Free Live Web Conferencing service emerges

Techcrunch has written a nice post about existing Live Web Conferencing services mentioning a good comparison and the best one comes out to be almost free.


Live Web Conferencing


The professionals can understand the core value of a good Live Web Conferencing service and how much it affects a business. In that way, this comparison appears to be vital as I have never came across such comparison before. There are four leading websites Live Web Sharing space compared with newly re-launched Vyew (pronounced as View) service over nineteen features and the best of four possess at the most, nine features while Vyew consists sixteen out of those nineteen features. 


Vyew is completely web-based collaboration tool which supports number of features. You can even embed it into your website using a widget provided by Vyew. The free version of Vyew is accompanied with light advertisements and if you are really serious about performance & business, you can get rid of them by paying a very small fee (as compared to the revenues of your business :)).


There are a lot of alternatives in this space and competing with the likes of WebEx and GoToMeeting is a challenge in itself. Vyew offers something a different a little different at a competitive price.



PS: Those who are concerned about drop in posts in last 2-3 days, I like to post only quality stuff, no matter if it is related to technology or my personal space :M). Of course, I don’t like writing on weekends :roll:. So stay tuned because there will always be great stories getting posted in this space ;M).

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  1. Hi Nitesh,

    Just letting you know of another exceptionally easy to use and free service. We use Yugma for web collaboration. It offers a well-rounded set of features and tools and works on Windows, Linux and Mac. We’ve been using Yugma for the past 3 months and really like it.

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