Funny search terms and free consultation for your girl friend

I have never discussed it before but I couldn’t stop myself from disclosing it – the funny search terms pointing to my website. Although I never wanted to share any user data but I think by talking about search terms, I myself don’t know about the user at all.


Here is a term which landed over my website and made me smile one more time – how to recover your ex girlfriend. Just Google it and you will see my blog among top results. I myself never knew that I have reached at the stage of providing consultation in love matters but at least, my blog has. The post which is shown among the search results is A LETTER TO EX-GIRLFRIEND which I had posted long time back in this year. It was really a pleasant experience to see some lovers pondering over this website. Of course, I also love to be in love matters and have been writing about personal experiences now and then :).


There are also other search terms which have been bringing love-birds to my website and few of those search terms which I remember from long time are – girl friends in gurgaon (Mates) and getting married in punjab (Punjab). This second term had disturbed me sometime but after close analysis, I could understand that after going recent marriages of close friends and sharing their experiences, and then having 66% married people in our lunch team (Architecture + DWH combined) , it is pretty obvious that you start getting into the marriage matters. Just yesterday, Deepak was discussing with other sufferers about how to make your married life colorful and there were lot of tips showered on the newly married and the enthusiasts. And today, matrimonial websites were the subject of conversation over lunch…in fact I was the one to get into this subject at very start saying that I have never been to any matrimonial website.


Well, now I think, I am poised to mention total seven search terms among my blog stats (of course on same subject) out of which, three I have already mentioned. Rest 4 of the terms goes like –


  1. impressing a girl (Impressing a girl) – well now that counts, I don’t know from where people find search terms for getting personal matters. I had never expected if someone will ever be able to read it after it got buried under my archives but it is happening.
  2. marriage invitation content in hindi (An innovative marriage invitation) – I had posted this invitation and also appreciated it. May be, one reason of posting it was because there were marriages of my friends going in that season!
  3. i love pink (Why do they love Pink) – A funny question which keeps appearing in my mind again and again that why the creatures, mostly called stupid, can love such a cute color, the pink color, and why only one color?
  4. nick names of girls in India (Few Forwards about Girls and Chennai) – Well I am completely clueless about this one…

All I can conclude is that there is lot of love and marriage happenings and communication has been happening around me and there is no harm in discussing important tips to make your love life more lovely and your married life more splendid & successful…but don’t bring me into any of them because Both of them are injurious to health when taken in excess! Also remember few more that I have collected from my personal experiences with so called Love gurus –

  • Love isn’t all about getting (Ishq di mere mitra pehchaan ki, mit jaave jad yaara jid apnaan di).
  • If you fall in love with someone and quite sure that you both like each other, it is not more than infatuation if s/he doesn’t accept that s/he also loves you. Bravo you that you took first step to propose that one!


One final tip – Girls are emotionally much stronger than guys and crave it over your brains, you die-hard lovers.

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