Quotes from an interview

In his interview with Philipp Lenssen, Aaron Swartz said few really worth quoting sentences –


“If you talk to any woman in the tech community, it won’t be long before they start telling you stories about disgusting, sexist things guys have said to them.” It’s (misogyny or racism) an institutional problem, not a personal one. (I think you may like to read this news and be happy 🙂 – young women dominate UK net scene)



I didn’t want to work at Google when I was at Stanford, I thought I should finish school. I didn’t want to work there when I was at Reddit, working at a startup was much more exciting. And now? Well, post-IPO, Google isn’t the same exciting place that it once was. None of the people I’ve spoken to at Google seem to have jobs that strike me as particularly appealing. Interesting, certainly, but not something I can really see spending my 9 to 5 doing for long periods of time.



“I’d much rather have a poorly-edited encyclopedia with good content than a well-edited encyclopedia with no content.”

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