Of Weekend and Movies

I love movies and what more than latest flicks. Although some of them turn out to be complete time-waste but few otters make you feel much better. This weekend was the other one filled with word M.


Spiderman 3 – I watched this movie on very first day of its launch with a proud bullet-owner (Amandeep Dhami) and his friend, one queued up for IIM (Kanav Kalia) and a guy full of jokes (Pankaj Bhardwaj) while missing one going for jet-packed package (Anish Goyal). Movie is just great. No one can expect that third part of a sequel can overpower previous two parts but it did. There was lot more action, real life and suspense. Spiderman has evolved very much from its previous two parts. It is more stronger and wiser. He has much more colorful personal real-life than just jumping around by turning into Spiderman and running after thieves. Everyone likes him but still he is a human who can commit mistakes. The one who has bad time-frames and low moments :). But still he fights with his own shadows and beats the enemies. He combats hard to come up with his relations and commitments. He proves to be a super hero in actual terms. We all liked Kirsten Dunst in one way or other…I had mentioned about my liking in the last post. And I wasn’t disappointed. She was looking more beautiful and gorgeous in latest flick and we were wishing if we had gotten to play Spider Man ;). The movie was worth watching and recommended. 8.5/10.


Ta Ra Rum Pum – It happened to be an average movie made in hurry by a leading banner. It could had been much better. Someone rightly concluded upon equation in newspaper – Ta Ra Rum Pum = Hum Tum – Fun. Entertainment of Hum Tum was missing and there were more down-moments than the inspiring ones. Also when you are still under the effect of Spiderman 3, you can’t like this movie at all. Neither songs nor the story make justice to Yash Raj Films banner. It can’t be said a complete crap but an average movie which can’t be expected from such a crew but Don’t Worry Be Happy :). 4/10


Kya Love Story Hai – It wasn’t my idea at all to go for this movie but Pankaj happen to be a fan of Kareena and just for one song, you sacrifice your 2 hours. Some people in Bollywood are biggest inspirations and one of them is Tusshar Kapoor who can inspire anyone that s/he can do much better acting than him. All I will say, it is total wastage of time and money…nothing worth watching except Pankaj’s Kareena!! 2/10

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