YouTube is sharing money

Official YouTube blog has reported that YouTube will be sharing money with top contributors which will also motivate other users to post more original stuff as they already have been removing lot of stuff in past which wasn’t in accordance with their terms & conditions.


Up until now there’s been a distinction between the content you create and the content created by YouTube’s professional content partners. We want to start changing some of the perception here. Which is why we’re adding several of the most popular and prolific original content creators from the YouTube community to our partnership program. Now some of your favorite YouTube members, including Lonelygirl15, LisaNova, renetto, HappySlip, smosh, and valsartdiary, will begin to participate in the same revenue sharing and promotional opportunities that are available to YouTube’s other partners. These include thousands of mid-sized to large content creators who range from video game companies to universities to production houses.


Although all of the posters will be receiving money but of course, lot of them will be inspired to contribute more.


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