Crossing 50k visitors

It took just five months for this website to cross 50000 mark after it crossed 10000 mark in almost 12 months! My clustermaps are showing 51k+ visitors on this website till date.



Content Rules!


Sometimes, I am asked if I use SEO for my blog or any other promotions and my answer is always – I don’t find much time to do SEO optimization or linking to others but I always welcome the ones linking to me and of course, I like to link with them as much as I can. There has been few good blogging friends who showed much patience in linking with me and giving me time to get back to them. I always love making links but could never go for discovering out as blogging is always taken as secondary task by me being a full time employee as I can’t go for becoming a pro-blogger…rather I don’t want to when you are living a great life with ample opportunities for you to apply your outstanding skill-set in right place for right cause among right people while enjoying the weekends ;).


So still, after getting lot of suggestions to go for different dimensions emerging from blogging, I like to be called a Software Engineer working towards establishing a better online environment for biggest money leaders in this world.

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