One more sacrificed

One more dear friend of mine has been sacrificed on the name of institution called marriage in which a guy is expected to keep learning and understanding for rest of the life. That’s how it brings new joys and pleasant surprises in life.





Gaurav and Parul




We 5 were there at Saharanpur to witness this great bonding and hence I made 4 more lifetime friends – Nitin Tiwari, Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, Ashish Kumar Goyal and Ashwin Luthra.



Some people touch the way you never were and you are always made to re-think, why you didn’t meet such people earlier in life.



There were we 4 punks in car having no girl friends in real life but plenty of BIG dreams in hearts and lot of fun all-together.



With such guys, you never come to know, how time passes away and you are left out to miss those fond memories for rest of time.



Still, such bounds are meant for lifetime…right Nitin?

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