I am offline

My cell has went in offline mode.


On Saturday morning, I woke up see my cell went in to offline mode al of sudden. It wasn’t detecting my sim-card. It also doesn’t detect any other sim – card. For first time, I am facing some serious problem with nokia phone and that too, one promoted as high-end business phone.


I have left it with Nokia Care in morning and don’t know when will it be ready…they say, if it is a software problem, by evening otherwise, in case of hardware problem, it may take 1 week…oh gosh.


I am too sad and worried after going in offline mode. Also I lost all my contacts (yup backups help but they are never up-to-date 🙁 )…perhaps, it is going to be my last Nokia phone if it took to long to get out of this trouble continuing for last 3 days :M( . I am disconnected :M( :M(.

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