I am liked

I am liked the way I am and for first time I have been told that. A friend of mine likes freak and crazy guys and that’s what I am. He is Nitin Tiwari– has been my colleague for about a year here at CE before leaving few weeks ago but still he is greatly missed as a great TL and nice mate.



I could never be as familiar with him as I became after just one day trip to great occasion to turn out to be great friends along-with Gaurav Singh & Ashish after celebration, couple dance, sharing few commonly liked situations, minor short-term but serious encounters. When you can discuss everything in rest of the world (I mean it…everything) with bunch of guys within short span of time, you know, they are the ones matching your frequency.


See Nitin, you got two mentions on same day and you were complaining that I don’t talk about you :).

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