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There is blogs that I have found – started for CashEdge over free blogging services – Blogger. I know it is weird idea to search for your company’s blog and that too over free blog hosting services – but that’s how poor nerds act like sometimes, creating stranges!


Just it happened for me to bum over Blogger CashEdge Blog ? if exists : get (I love ternary operators – they save so many lines of code! ).


And I found that CashEdge Blog exists over blogger. It is started by some blogger with name Rams (Ramdass…any guesses??) but the first and only post which was made over this blog was ages ago when I hadn’t even joined at CashEdge – May01, 2005, with some text making sense –


think about fund transfer in cashedge?.


I wonder why it wasn’t continued. Organizational blogs have the best chances to grow rapidly provided you are a bit pro-active and add lot of contributors :).


Today when every corporation is taking up with blogging to promote its services, I am hopeful that soon, CashEdge may also consider to get its hands dirty with this Web 2.0 thing because it is the fastest medium in today’s world to advertise an organization, online.


And after searching for CashEdge’s blog, it was turn to search for Infy’s blogs and none of 2 blogs where I landed belonged to Infosys and No luck, Infoscions.


Disclosure: Those who know about blogging (which almost everyone in today’s world do), they would had already been thinking about WordPress. Yes, there didn’t exist any domain like . Yours truly has registered this domain. I am not going to let it eat dirt under piles of blogs but will be waiting for some nod for sometime. There is some luck for Infoscions over WordPress provided the guy hasn’t left Infy as last posts dates back to Jan 14, 2006!

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