Impressing a girl

No I am not going to discuss here about how to win a girl or any tips for winning a girl’s heart. It is my personal musing.


Here is a story where once again I missed on getting a girl like most of the times. I have been asked many times and most of the times – people didn’t believe what I answered to the questions about my girl friends. And I hate making confessions, therefore, I am not going to speak about anything here. Society has always played a big role in amazing me.


This time, it was a party (not other robby’s party), a party organized by a friend who is getting married to his college-time girl friend (subh..) and he had thrown Bachelor party. The story starts when I noticed a girl (which, uh, is very rare activity expected from me) who was smiling while looking at me and talking to her friends. I just smiled back, I don’t know, thinking what!


Just after few minute of this smile transfer, she approached me and told me something while leaning over the table. She wanted me to take her snap. Oh, have I forgotten to tell you that I was clicking photos. I love photography. So just when she asked, without any delay but with a smile, there was me clicking her photo with her friends. Ok, now, I am not going to put her picture here, over this website but all I can tell you, she was too pretty to be someone’s dream girl.


Just after small photo session, just when I thought that now I can get her contact info or at least the number, her bullish looking male friend (I would refrain from calling him, her BF) approached me giving me his email Id to mail these photos and therefore, once again, a KLPD. I replied, OK, once again, with a smile (I am kinda hating this smile stuff). I looked at that girl, she was still smiling but didn’t come to me this time. I was called out by Puneet and after that, no talks with her.


So this was the sad story but life is full of surprises and you should always expect the best!



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