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CashEdge is looking out for Director of Financial Technology Sales in Now York. I was just stumbling upon the web and landed over a blog post which was listing mentioned CashEdge Opening. I thought of putting it here to spread the word or you can say, to promote the organization. It is an organization I really loved working with in past 1 year and more than few months. I am not good at describing the things I like or dislike but I can, at least put down the things which are coming to my mind about the what I know about this organization.


I got to know about best and few unique products in the domain it is working (Financial) after joining CE.  Some of the well recognized products of CashEdge in US market include Open Now Fund Now, TransferNow, AggregateNow, Small Business Suite which are divided in broadly defined categories for different financial sectors.


All the products are Online (and I love the word Online :)). There is always lot of development going on in CashEdge in background while its employees (aka family members) are enjoying the parties and sports in foreground. Lot of new innovations keep coming out from the brains of members which keep learning latest and new technologies now and then. CE provides unlimited opportunities to its employees to learn as many things as they can and the managers are always supportive towards them. You never know when the next party is thrown out all of sudden. Some people keep struggling to become star while others remain busy in defining such processes for making stars. BurningTheMidnightOil, (Gur)Gaon, Trading, Stocks, Beer, Cricket, Kapoor are some of the most popular nouns out here. The people are amazing meeting whom you can’t realize that they are the brains behind the leading financial products in US but they are from country’s top institutes with noble qualities and sharp minds which prefer to work in Open environments without much pressures or boundaries while delivering the best products.


Ok, that is very small informal introduction about the firm I am working with and I will start adding into this pool more information about company and its latest happenings from now on, as I think I got substantial knowledge of the products and organization in this frame of time (and that’s why I opted out from Training Session on CashEdge Products :)). This was one reason for writing this post.


Other reason is that I have been receiving calls from people for long time asking me about CashEdge with different queries in their minds. How they come to know about me? Although before writing this post, I have refrained from talking much about my employer over my blog but somehow people used to discover me out of the piles of trillion of websites over Internet and they found me the source for getting information about CashEdge in informal & very frank way. I never disappointed them. They include most of those who were planning to join and after interacting with me, most of them preferred to join here. So beware, if you are thinking about being next to talk to me asking about CashEdge as I can make your brainwash and fill all good things in your mind including a very small amount of garbage. But that’s all truth I speak about. And from now on, I will be giving out the link to this post as reply to the emails queering me about CashEdge.


There are thousands of reasons that I can give about writing this post but the top most reason is that I always wanted to write about this esteemed organization I fell in love with after joining in January 2006 under unavoidable personal circumstances. And since then, I have been writing about my wonderful CashEdge mates and experience over here without much highlights. So, if you want to be on the front page, get in touch with me ;). Jokes apart, I always prefer to spread word about what I know (Yes that too, I know – within the limits).


CashEdge’s Logo is –


Profit From Your Online Channel TM



My immediate manager is the best person I know out here at CashEdge as far as I could recognize and I am working with a small team comprised of some of the most wonderful people in CashEdge. More about it, later.


PS: By the way, don’t forget to read the Disclaimer on right sidebar if you think that I am trying to do something irrelevant and please don’t hesitate to put a word into my ears if you think that something is going wrong over here. I was quite happy after a frank conversation with Sumit today and that made me giving a shot to write about CE. I hope someone is feeling happy (accessible only within CashEdge) after reading this post :M). Apologies for no images.

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