Two strong contenders of Cricket World Cup and Good Friday

I have been asked this more than once and therefore, I thought of posting it.


India and Australia will be face-to-face in Super Eight. In Super Eight, every team will be fighting every other team of the group. Total 8 teams will be there – 2 from each group and the possibility is as follows –


Group A – Australia & South Africa


Group B – Sri Lanka & India


Group C – New Zealand & England


Group D – Pakistan & West Indies


Sorry for my negligence to all those whom I told that India can Only meet with Australia in Finals. I have a schedule hanging over my desk where there was holiday on April 06, 2007 for Good Friday and I thought that after that day, Semi-Finals are going to start…:P


Also Dhiraj shared an interesting story of his time. He was of about 7-8 years (he said Class 5 or 6) since he is cricket fan. Those days, team score wasn’t displayed all the time over TV screen. Therefore, he used to sit before TV to watch cricket match with a notebook and pencil. He used to literally note down score after each ball and used to write names of all the Batsmen & Bowlers including Umpires. Now that’s what we can call the Hard Work, dedication and an intelligent way to remember each & every player of World Cup…as he said that he used to remember name of every player in that way :). Really IMPRESSIVE as spelled in Quake III :M).


PS: Yes, I am back to blogging as I realized that I can’t stay afar from it, specially when it is World Cup and West Indies beaten Pakistan in rather interesting match yesterday plus Collymore (or Collyless :P) hit six on last ball of innings.


Although I am back to Blogging, but now, not much Tech News, no more Formatting and no more Pictures will be embedded in my blog because now, in short, I will be blogging in Safe Mode. Normal Mode is suspended for indefinite period of time but I will try to get back to that as soon as possible…because I am also waiting…

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