Last night

Wrote on March 09, 2007



We reached at office from Addiction to pick up Raji’s bike. Then we had some time inside and had gossips for few minutes…we were happy, smiling, laughing and joking…Sumit was telling me that I am going to be 12th man. Raji was admiring Sumit’s trousers which were looking kool. We were discussing about the kool environment.


Hot drinks and discussions about anything. Then around mid-night, we rode our bikes, decided daily get-togethers of 1 hour in dark starting from tomorrow.


We just parted our ways, I & Raji moved to right and just after 30 seconds there was a sharp turn of truck which produced some noises, Raji uttered – “Car driver just got saved from that sudden turn by truck.” What we didn’t know was that car driver had sacrificed someone for saving himself. After few more seconds, we got cal from Sumit asking us to come back and there we landed with Sumit at hospital. Then treatment, bandages and stitches…OMG I don’t like hospitals. The good looking trouser was torn up…I was no more 12th man and tomorrow’s get-together was certainly got canceled.


Get well soon, Sumit.



Damn Dark Mid-Nights. Sometimes I think that still ghosts exist in form of these drunken drivers.

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