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Some people are dedicatedly writing about language diversity in India and they take it as a reason to debate about instead of a diversification characteristic of country. They are even ready to go for war and all when they say like this –


  1. The pak-b’desh problem had language as one of the issues – google it.
  2. The Singhalese-Tamil problem in SL has its roots in language
  3. Periyar called for a separate country for Tamils in 1937/38 as a voice against the imposition of Hindi.
  4. There were major riots against such imposition in 1965in TN.
  5. The name Tamil Nadu was selected by Anna durai after coming to power in 1967 as a symbolic way of saying that TN is “Tamil country” and NOT for Hindi imposition.


Directly picked out from one of the comments over one such heated discussions posted by the same person.


And these people don’t even refrain from saying that –


As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Tamil is the majority language so its good to know it. If a Tamil, moves out of TN, he should learn the local language of the region and not Hindi. Till then, a mixture of English and a few words can keep him alive in another state. Making Hindi compulsory in TN for the few who travel outside TN is absurd. What is the percentage of Tamils traveling outside TN?


In such case,

  • As far as Punjab is concerned, Punjabi is the majority language so its good to know it
  • As far as Gujarat is concerned, Gujarati is the majority language so its good to know it
  • As far as Manipur is concerned, Manipuri is the majority language so its good to know it
  • As far as Karnataka is concerned, Kannada is the majority language so its good to know it


And the list goes on :M).


But as far as India is concerned, HINDI is the only language, say it is necessary for National Integrity or otherwise.


The guy is quite sure that not much Tamilians go out of the state :roll:. These are such few people in every country which ignite the riots, fuel terrorism and malign the image of their location even when most of the other people from such regions are completely innocent.


And they also try their best to make out different meanings from the constitutional clauses which mention Hindi as “Official Language” instead of “National Language“…huh. Someday, they will say that our National anthem is not the one in Hindi Language :x.



God save people with such mentalities!


There was another post about travel in Tamilnadu Express and discussion over same subject, by one of the guys commented out there. I loved reading it and I hope you will also, if you managed to read through whole post :P.



FYI, here is the Indian constitutional clause mentioned above –







343. Official language of the Union.


(1) The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script. The form of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the international form of Indian numerals.

(2)Notwithstanding anything in clause (1), for a period of fifteen years from the commencement of this Constitution, the English language shall continue to be used for all the official purposes of the Union for which it was being used immediately before such commencement: Provided that the President may, during the said period, by order_306 authorise the use of the Hindi language in addition to the English language and of the Devanagari form of numerals in addition to the international form of Indian numerals for any of the official purposes of the Union.

(3) Notwithstanding anything in this article, Parliament may by law provide for the use, after the said period of fifteen years, of-

(a) the English language, or

(b) the Devanagari form of numerals, for such purposes as may be specified in the law.

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