NetAmp is the application which I had once dreamt about and I had created its kinda prototype in Nightly Build which worked absolutely like the application but on a single PC running the web server.


And now, I have completely built NetAmp after putting some big hours outside the work. It is running on our Ground floor.


NetAmp is abbreviation for Network Winamp which runs on one server (that can be any user’s machine) and can be accessed by anyone over the network using the web interface. You can read the complete documentation of NetAmp over the Nightly Build page.


Following are the details of technologies used in development –

  1. J2EE – (for frontend and backend interface)
  2. AJAX – Frontend interface (came very handy specially when you don’t want to open new window just for submitting a form)
  3. COM Object (DLL file) – It is Winamp Scripting Support Plugin which provides interface for controlling Winamp by function calls.
  4. JACOB Project (A JAva-COM Bridge) – It is used for COM Automation from any Win32 Java VM using JNI. I used the library for interacting with DLL from within the Java backend



There are also other libraries which can be used for Java-Come bridging which are listed over Java-COM Resources page


I also wanted to thank few people who helped me in turning this dream into reality. In fact, all I wanted to thank people on this page otherwise I just had provided redirection link to the Documentation page here in this post. First and foremost, I wanted to thank Amit and Shikha – my team-mates, for keeping reminding me of getting started. I wanted to thank Raji for appreciating this effort and guiding to right resources :). Thanks to Dipankar Das for helping me in getting started with AJAX and now I know a lot of it, to say. Deeps, you really know a lot. And also thank to those who waited outside at reception for me and also gave me company in night to finalize this app :D. Thank you Anurag for bearing restarts at server ;). Thanks to the original developers for providing the basic code to get started. I am also providing this product free of cost under Creative Commons license –


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.

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