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I was just going through some random thought process and was finding the friends who are going through changes  in early new year 2007 and I landed up with few very good observations. After all, this blog is the place where I don’t write about technology all the time. My musings are also a part of it. So here are my observations –






Pankaj Bhardwaj – my college mate, roomy and very dear friend from Hoshiarpur but shifted to Jalandhar who is one of his kinds happened to be a big email resource who used to send about 4-5 emails regularly on daily basis in year 2005 and early 2006. After about first quarter of 2006, he got dead busy in his project (don’t ask me details because no one else except his team knows about the tools they used in project –  Frankly, they never impressed me at least). Then he went to onsite at Siemens, Germany and returned in last quarter of the year. We, his room-mates, here at Gurgaon, missed him (and of course his mails) a lot in that time and more than us, he missed all of us as well as India – yes Chunks, I know that although we used to get angry with you when you used to call us after weeks.


So why I am writing about this great personality here??? We all, who were in his mailing list, missed his mails a lot in last 3 quarters of 2006, received only about 3-4 mails. That’s it. So his average came down to about 2 mails per month from 80 mails per month in first quarter. And now, he is Back with a bang. I am so happy that he has started mailing in bulk. He is one of 2 really good friends whom I used to rely for emails everyday. He sends really cute mails and they can make anyone’s day. I just wanted to thank and congratulate him here for coming back – in fact, it happens to be his new year resolution after I myself and Puneet used to tease him for not sending the emails.


Ramraj Chauhan got his new year gift in form of onsite opportunity as reflects from his conversations. Although I didn’t talk to him much in this regard but he was really nice to discuss with me the things. He visited Nainital last week where our org is planning to visit in last week of Jan (internal news – location not made official so far – so don’t leak it ;)). therefore, it doesn’t make any different to him if he doesn’t accompany us as he would had already flown by then but we, the gang, was really serious about this outing and had really big plans. Ramu is also a part of this gang and not to mention, he was also excited about out next outing after Meshobra where we got to know about each other as at that time we all were new to the corporation and remained busy in settling us down. Before that trip, we hardly knew much about each other and by the time, we were back from the trip, strong bonds had developed between us. We were quite familiar with each-other. And after 7 months, this time, everyone was in mood of making next outing a bang. But then, Ramu is going to miss it. Saurabh Mittal has already other plans to go to Vaishno Devi. And Sumit is also not going to be at the trip for more than a day. And hence, rest of the guys including me have started thinking about dropping out as there can’t be much fun without friends. Raji was the other excitement as he was going to accompany us this time but now, nothing seems to be happening. Moreover, lot of f-factor has left CE in these months and there is serious shortage of motivation on such trips :round: – this really needs to be worked out.

Disclosure: This all was a part of conversation went between us – the members of gang. Therefore, its not my personal opinion at all. But of course, every individual will be making decision on his own.



Kanav and Himanshu happened to be the bonds, in sudden incidents, one after other. They never happened to be achieving that kind of feats but they really. made a mark when I came to know about the SIGN – the %. It was a new year surprise for all of us. I am hoping the best for both of them.


Another change is the formation of a team which is going to bring a reform. It will happen to be consisting of Tajender and Mayank.


Kamal Vashist is the newest joiner at CE, Delhi and a nice guy who talks very less even when it has been about a month since he joined. Just as happened to me last year, new job at CE is his new year gift for 2007 :). He is also from Punjab and is staying at Delhi – yes, at least I got to talk to him for long ;).


I also came across this beautiful story written by Pankaj’s batchmate, Amritpal Singh/Baba about the Chocolate Day which happened to be a very important day of his life. A very romantic but sad story which involved many of his mates and a girl he loved (although he didn’t mention word love anywhere). He offered chocolate to girl in very romantic way and his mates came handy in that situation (Pankaj was one of them) but then that girl refused in very rude way. His mates landed there on this page to console him and to let him know that he was the best match for that girl and it was her mistake to not to accept him. I am sure anyone, who believes in love, will like to read this story and the comments (although spammed by lot of bots in the end). I liked these comments –

Most of the things look good in hindsight, but at that time it doesn’t feels good. – spark


I guess incidents like this happen in everyone’s life atleast once in the lifetime. I was given a chocolate too, well, not on the chocolate day but for no other reason than what it was intended for! How I embarrassed that guy and scolded him for his intentions. But whatever has to happen does happen. Me and my friend ate that chocolate as there was nothing else to eat in the hostel. And guess what! I am married to the same guy now 😀
So even if your chocolate wasn’t accepted, atleast that girl had a good impression of you in the end. And I think that’s what matters. – Khushbu


..had i given that chocolate it wud hav been accepted 4 sure…but i gav kurbani for the sake of my friend – pankaj bhardwaj


…even i think had u sent ur own msg, she would’ve accepted the msg..afterall she’s not THAT PROUD also.. – Apoorva Basandrai


…hun instead of saying “asin kadhe akhiye ki kali kite mil … ” say .. “Teri tour ne patte mutteare .. jattan de putt sadh ho gye .. ” – Pardeep Singh



And sometimes I think that it is really true when someone says –

Girls are the most complex creatures of nature and it is impossible to understand them. So better keep your hands away from them or be ready to get yourself ruined.

It happens that I am going to play second consecutive ODI (One Day Intercorporate) Cricket Match of CE against ESPN on this Sunday. All thanks goes to Nitesh Gupta (he manages to convince me to play every time – so nice of him!) and Ramraj, who is not going to captain this time but I will definitely miss him as a great player :(.

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