Last working day

So the last working day of 2006 is now going to close down. Let me count what we did for last time on last working day.


Obviously worked for last time


Had lunch with gang (it was co-incidence)


Played Quake-III with Teji and Ashish Ujjwal (well that was for first time when I played with All-India Runner Up of game and it was visible when we 2 were fighting at 7/8 and he was at 20!!). He is bond of this game. It was fun playing the game drinking coffee and eating snacks and crunching the players.


Had chat with Luthra in office full of laughs where once again he acquired knowledge from me – for last time


One colleague was here for last time – as I have heard…no official news, not even from her side


Heard songs on LAN speakers (netamp) as well as over headphones


Sent mails

And now leaving as Dhiraj has called for the celebration.

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