The yummiest food item of North Indian winters

I love Saag aka cooked Spinach. It is the best food item during the North Indian winters – I believe. And when it is accompanied with the Makki Ki Roti, Curd and Lassi which makes it typical Punjabi food of winters…mmmmmmmm nothing compared to that. While being in Punjab, if you didn’t ate Saag, you haven’t felt the real taste of Punjab. It is the best you can taste while enjoying the Sun shine in cold. I love Punjab and its foooooooooooooood.


The effort required to prepare Saag is also unmatchable. Thats why, I can never ever thought of even trying it…it takes lot of time as well as physical work. So I prefer to eat it at home which becomes so tasty after the strong tadka by Dad :M)…have I ever told you, that my Dad is a great cook!!


I had been mising it for long and now winters are hereeeeeeeeeee and I am @ Home ;M).


Dhoom 2 music album is released. I will be downloading it when I will be back @ Gurgaon bcoz you know, how will it fel downloading MP3s @ 3kbps ;). so will be writing about it only then! Right now, listening to Father Figure by George Michael.

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