DON – The Chase Begins Again

Today, I watched DON (part 2) – the one directed by Farhan Akhtar. It was amazing experience.


To start with, I wasn’t doing anything and hadn’t plan to do anything today. So I was thinking of killing my time here at home and the ultimate idea that came to my mind was to have experience of our desi theater @ Hoshiarpur. I hadn’t been to theaters at HSP for more than twice in past and there are only 3 theaters here. This time it was the remaining one theater and now, at EOD, I have been to all the theaters at my home city :).


Now when there are this much visits which can be counted on fingers, let me count the movies – Raja Hinustani@Raj in 1998 and Ziddi@Laxmi in 1998 – both when I was in 10th standard. Before that, I had never ever got time to think of how a theater can be! OK, I know it sounds a bit awkward…


This time, it was DON@Swarn. I had already thought of watching DON since I came to know about it…just the way I had decided abt Woh Lamhe. And this time, I was going to have company of my bro (after I requested for that). It was going to be an upside-down experience for me since I have been watching movies at PVR for last couple of years by paying anything b/w 150-500 and here its tickets were Rs 25 for balcony and Rs 15 for hall :P. First I thought of going for balcony but then I wanted to have pure exp of desi theater and so I made bro to go for hall :D. I never had been to hall before but I wanted to have a feel of it. My last and only exp in hall was at PTA in 2004 when I went to watch Devdas with DD, Virdi & Rajan but that time there was no one in hall except we 4 – thanks to block-buster performance of movie ;M). So after buying the tickets, we both were inside the hall and just when I entered, I realized my mistake but now it was late and movie had started. The torch boy had to do more than simple search in order to find 2 seats for us. Alas, for first time, I felt how does a seat for Rs. 15 feels like – it is mere a simple ply without anything to sooth your buttocks. There were ppl chewing tobacco and pan all around. After few mins, hall was almost more than full – I cud see ppl standing here and there. When I came to my senses, I realized that I was here to watch the movie directed by Farhan Akhtar.


Read on as there is nothing about disclosing any suspense of movie…


Movie starts with very fine story being told by Mr. DSP. Then it takes very sharp turns in next couple of minutes – so watching original Don is highly recommended otherwise it is very likely that u wud be lost in starting turn-bouts of movie and will keep figuring about Ramesh and flashy Kamini (of course Kareena is here). Kareena has out-performed Helen’s dance in this movie… I forgot Helen for a moment while looking at her performance. But she was there only for item song… Just when Kareena is about to light cigarette of Shahrukh, all die-hard fans of Shahrukh take out their own cigarettes/bidis in the hall and start smoking before they actually see that Shahrukh doesn’t smoke and politely refuses Kareena’s offer saying that it is injurious to health. After tobacco and pan and all those spitting, smoke was left, I thought. And then Kareena starts dancing on Ye Mera Dil Pyar Ka Deewana and ppl go mad clapping and whistling all the way – it was great to see such appreciation :roll:. I cudn’t find such appreciation in rest of the movie. Junta was mad about Shahrukh and Kareena. I was more thrilled by the whistles all around and the comments being made…after long long time, I enjoyed these…you can find only the claps in PVRs. Thats it. Full stop. And here you come to see the real madness.


Movie progresses too fast and I was still trying to figure out why wud Farhan do this stupidness…perhaps he wanted to show 2 movies in the length of one. Let me tell you, evthing from original DON is copied in terms of story + plus there is story of Farhan – his own version/alterations/additions. In this part, it is shown in detail that how DON was shot dead and how Vijay was replaced with him. Arjun Rampal is here as counterpart of Pran in original movie. He is shown as a computer technician.


A modern version of DON is attempted to be made. Red diary has been replaced here with small CD but still our industry has to grow in terms of showing technical reality. They still take resort of basic flash animations while showing DON logging out of PC or deleting any item (tried to make clone of MAC). And on the other time, Arjun Rampal is suggesting his client that the password is in reverse order according to the s/w installed on MAC OS. I think that I was able to get the feel of how Ram Gopal’s new Sholey will be like! The jail bus in original movie which was used to transfer Vijay and other gangsters to other jail has been replaced with Air plane – now thats the generation gap – u can say.


There is stunt directly picked from The Fast And The Furious when DON along-with Priyanka crosses his car below the truck while being chased by police. This movie resembles Starfish, the way it is finished. Kudos John Trovolta. And the theme is already copied from Matrix – be it the wallpapers/promos of DON or the effects of the movie.


Another drawback of movie is that Farhan has tried to show evone in movie as mastermind be it when DSP recalls the years old capture of Arjun in a stealing incident and he correctly recalls Arjun’s name. Or be it when Arjun recalls the dialogue made by DSP – Do you think, I am fool? Or be it when Priyanka in the end, recalls the dialogue made by DON in very start of movie – Mujhe jungli billian bohot pasand hain.


This movie is a typical 15 min suspense/thriller which u come to know about, in the end otherwise you are made fool from start – the way you were made in Bluffmaster, last time :D.


When you actually go and watch DON, know the end/suspense, I would like to know from you – When and where Vijay/DON starts chasing Deepu with Arjun while going to meet Vardhan? Why DON fights with the bully sitting in the plane – his own person?


All in all, I liked previous DON much more than this one full of jingles. No comments about actors but it was joyful to see Pavan Malhotra back on screen as Narang. I like the roles he does and the way he plays them. I think, it won’t be worth to go to PVR for this movie.


Rating: 6/10


Note: Apologies for all the spelling mistakes and abbreviations but it is how I type on my PC with Autokey and spell-check installed and working at backend. I am missing both of them, here at home :(.


Also, I am missing broadband and managing with, rather hostile to the net speed of 3 kbps :alert: Of course, graphics can’t be thought about!

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