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Will I ever go to any blogcamp even if got invited? Right now, I will answer No because for me, blogging is the thing to do and same isn’t true for chattering about – blogging or about the art of blogging. So perhaps, I will never like to enjoy any blogcamp but definitely I will like to meet those interested bloggers out there. Then someone in blogosphere has quoted something like –

We blog about our mind products, share them with others, make others comment on them and participate in the thought sharing of those fellows, whom we can see/feel/communicate with – only online, but perhaps, can never meet physically.

What a thought provoking quote it is. And therefore, I think usually, while blogging, that I am blogging because there are so many things going in my mind and I should put them out otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep in night 🙂 (and it happens with me sometimes!). I also want to share my knowledge with rest of the universes. So I blog. I blog about my life, the technology, people around me, the news, photos – in short, the world around me!

Ok, much of blogging thing – all born from thought of blogcamp.


Another thought which was scratching my mind was – Can we dream of a cleaner India? I got remembered of my project category which had taken me to places and finally to the national level participation (about 6 years ago) in National Children Science Congress (no official website available) – Cleaner India Greener India. Greener – It has always been and we Indians love greenery be it our respect towards few plants of religious importance or the individual interests. But what about cleanliness? I have been witnessing people throwing waste things (be it the peanut wrappers, chocolate covers or other such small and big useless objects which we want to put away from our hand) anywhere on the roadsides without caring about the place or looking around for dust-bins. I have been seeing people spitting in spaces around us, specially those eating pan. Although there are people who care about all these, and they try to avoid making public places dirty but I have seen very few such people. There are people who want to see cleaner India but doesn’t do much about it and themselves, careless about the clean word. I always believed that it is you – the single identity, who can make difference to this whole world. How many of you have ever took initiative about making this country called India, clean? It starts from very small level. Have you ever seen anyone including your friends, dirtying any place or tossing any wrapper on a pathway or room? How many times, you interrupted/stopped him/her from doing this? These small initiatives sum up to big results. Most of the times, we ourselves ignore very small mistakes. I had a friend of mine and we used to meet quite frequently during my training period in Delhi. Those days, I had developed fresh love for Mother Dairy’s flavoured milk. So I used to drink it a lot. It was one fine day when I had finished drinking milk along-with him (Let us call him X) and another mate (Y). Y threw it on the path. I kept it in my hand and so did X. I kept searching for some tool to throw it in but after few minutes, I lost my patience and threw it on a side. X saw it and asked me, why I did it. I told him that although I searched for dustbin but didn’t found it for long and hence I had to. Whose mistake it is? He wasn’t ready to agree and finally, sentence came out of my mouth – “Ye India hai yaar (It is India, buddy), no one cares if you make this country more dirty”. I never had thought that I will speak such words but this happened to be because it happen in our country and hence, it is bitter truth. The thing is not that whose mistake it is but the concern here is, how much responsible our government is for stopping the filth. Although it is banned in other countries to litter/spit in public places, what are the measures taken by our govt for it? The other side is, how much responsibility, we – as Indians, show to stop the griming on public places. Why we are able to speak sentences like the one came out of my mouth?


And what do you say about smoking. Although our govt has banned it on public places, haven’t you noticed recently your co-passenger smoking and you were just inhaling it because you thought that you had to? Why not you complained about it to the person or the vehicle authority?

In my case, I never tolerate anyone smoking along-with me on any public place and never let my friends to break the law (to be on safer/lighter side ;)). I never miss any chance to make people look at the place at least once, where they have spit/threw wastes on a public place. I want them to realize that they are supposed and expected to be responsible citizens of the country they are living in.


It is our responsibility as citizens of this great country to make it a better place!


Final of Challenger Trophy – India Blue v India Red was abandoned 🙁 but Viru is back in form 🙂


So these were my random musings, I was struggling with, today.

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