Paatshala – Be A Rebel song of Rang De Basanti

In this song, the historical places are named in weird order like

Taj Mahal as Mahal of the Taj

Qutub Minar as Minar of Qutub

KanyakKumari as Kumari of Kanya

My TL – Sid just asked me if I know the lyrics of this song although I like this song. Then he told me this special thing about the song – special like the movie. It is one of my favourites.

It think I have been mentioning Sid quite a time on this blog but never took out some time to introduce him – so selfish of me :roll:? Well, I love to introduce people who interact with me constantly and Sid is one of them. Another special thing about him is that he is the, perhaps, only other person after Nitin Prakash (please not now, I will definitely introduce him later sometime) who belong to category called Managers in this org but still have healthy and intimate relation with me and other software engineers around. then I think Dhiraj also have good relation with Software Engineers working with him…but as far as I have observed, in his team only. The best thing about Sid is that unlike other typical managers (our org haven’t much/almost negligible of those types) who communicate with about application only whenever they communicate with a Software Engineer of his team – like you, Sid has spent more of his time (till now) talking to me about other things which are supposed to be of equal importance for a person like me. Sid has 6 years of experience with him and he holds 3 really BIG certifications with him. One of them is SCJP! He likes to test technology and hence give a shot to every new thing with software tag with it – as far as I have realized with him. He is more than just a manager. He loves to enjoy life like any other fresh person out there without worrying about life or its serious jobs. He is the first person of his experience that I have seen, who can share everything about him, provided you are interesting in knowing about that. His was love marriage, rather, a daring love marriage – the best thing I liked to know about him…Just now, we have stopped playing cricket on this 2nd floor of CE :M)

Now back@work ;M)

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