New features in coComments

Got mail today from coComments team today that coComment would no more inform you of new comments only when they were made by other users of the system. they have got new system named coCoCrawler (perhaps coCrawler would not be available :))!
After listening to users, they have this service that if you make any comments on platforms such as WordPress, Typepad, MovableType, Blogger, Flickr, digg, Kaywa, Blogsphere, Kulando, ExpressionEngine or tblog, all subsequent comments in that comment stream will be viewable in the conversation thread on your “my conversations page” – whether they are from registered coComment users or not. Of course, we’re working hard to add even more supported platforms.

Following is the summary of new features –

coCoCrawler – track the conversations of your interest and in which u also have participated
Track This Conversation – track conversation even if you don’t participate

Changed Interface, Str and Navigation – new usability features are added including registration wizard on first page itself… in my view, it will definitely help to increase the userbase provided the details to be filled are very few and it doesn’t take much space on home page.

Try Service Without Registering – if you want to test before signing, you can do that…cookie game!

Filtering Of Conversations – Filter your conversations by type

Plus Other Features – which include anti-spam filter by Akismet (yes same as that of wordpress), add ppl or sites as favs, fwd comments as email, customize interface, inclusion of more langs.

It was good to see that they met the most popular user demands in very effective way – signs of a successful and emerging website unless it is a simple but powerful search website like Google!

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