Kuljit has joined at IITKGP

Finally he is there and studying what he ever wanted to.

So here we have anotehr manager from our batch…in making who is handsome, smart, innovative and above all, very deep thinker. I always took deep thinking as the most essential thing to have in order to become a successful manager. You might be very creative, very tactic, or might be very clever but all these are useless if you havent capability of re-thinking over all these (that you just put on the table what you have in your mind without serious analysis) and for a manager, this is what matters the most – what to put on table and when.

He is cool minded and knows how to approach things. A complete all-rounder. Knows when to bowl and where to bowl. Also keep track what is going around the world. Can manage with min resources…yes man I will always remember his survival in starting days@Jalandhar 🙂 without …what was there in 4 months before leaving for MBA??? And he knew what sud be there for his endurance – his dearest ppl with him. I am wearing that WC T-Shirt…I m lovin it. And now I will have to wait for 2 years to ride his superb bike and to enjoy his driving. Definitely, we are gonna be in touch…after all that was what going in my mind after making him to get lappi asap ;). Today was his first class and he missed it…he he he. Keep it up, buddy.
I am looking forward to making a great manager in a dearest buddy. All the best, Kullz.

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