Good bye mail by an employee of a renowned org

Here is a mail that I got of a person who was a part of big firm starting with letter W. Things like this also come in category called – Politics.
I had been hearing about bad env of this firm in past but this mail has revealed evthing. A completely frustrated mail…donno if I sud post it or not but my inner-conscious says that I sud…so I am doing it (hiding company’s name for confidentiality and replacing it with W)…once again, whole information is factual and I dont bear any responsibility for truthfulness of this mail. Read it at your own risk and I am not gonna have any kind of obligation for posting this stuff. Take ur as another forwarded mail. Posting bcoz I got it from trustable source. Verify it on your own risk. Here it goes –

From: R******** U**** (W***)
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 5:38 PM
Subject: Good Bye W


Every one will have certain goals and objectives to achieve in their life
and I m no exception. To pursue those goals Ive decided to quit W and
continue the journey with another company and today is my last working day
in W. I would like to thank one and all for the co-operation though I
must say my experience here is terrible mainly because of few persons and
the working culture.

Ive joined W thinking of a good career ahead and was shocked to see
the unprofessional working environment here. Ive never come across such a
working environment so far. The work place always used to remind the fish
market because of termites like R********* R******* N***, K.T.R.B S****
and few others who liberally shout at every person, uses filthy language,
crack adult jokes at the work place, openly flirts and what not they can
even go to the extent of threatening people by saying they can throw them
out of the company as if W is their own company and can make the place
a hell. And there are some people like R** K**********, H*** K**** C.K. who
can give the statements like I believe only in my managers and I dont
need to meet any one below the level and management always supports
managers. They can go the extent of giving generic statements like in
W politics are more important than projects and W works like this
and if you want to continue, you have to mould yourself and become dirty
and unprofessional like us. It was very unfortunate that Ive come across
this kind of unprofessional persons here in these 8 months. The icing on
the cake is A** P********* who does not even know how to behave with the
resources, and never receptive and listens to the concerns of the resources
and she is the resource manager for the horizontal and all she can do is to
threaten the resources. And the worst part is nothing will happen and
change even if you raise your concern in the so called ombudsprocess. Kudos
W, no one can find such a pathetic working environment like yours
anywhere in the IT industry.

Anyways all said and done, people like me may not fit into this kind of
working environment and my sincere suggestion to the HR is please conduct
trainings in behavioral management for all the managers and to most of the
persons with red and green tags. In my sojourn here Im fortunate enough to
work with S******* N********, S**** C**********, R***** K**** and few of my
development team who all are very supportive.


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